גבולי /Borderline

 גבולי /Borderline 

Levi Van Veluw              Daniel Palillo                  Bart Hess

On Sunday, March 25, 2012, the exhibition Borderline is scheduled to open at the Beit Ha'ir Museum.  Within the framework of the museum's year of fashion, three of the outstanding forces currently influencing the European arena of fashion and art are being brought to Israel for the very first time.  The exhibition will display the 2012 Spring/Summer collection of Finnish designer Daniel Palillo and works by Dutch artists Bart Hess and Levi Van Veluw. In addition, the following Israeli artists are scheduled to participate in the exhibition:  Shahar Freddy Kislev, Tomer Sapir, Uri Katzenstein, Shany Priness, Lior Charchy, animator Gilad Bachar and director Matan Guggenheim.

Borderline attempts to examine the various faces of the human body. The participating artists, most of them in their late 20's, have taken the familiar shape of the human body and broken it into pieces.  They have extended the body's physical and mental boundaries and have examined what lies beyond. The artists, questionably as researchers or as laboratory mice, participate in an experiment that examines the transformation of the physical body. Each of the artists examines the boundaries of the body in his own, individual way: the relations between the body and an outer covering, concealing or hiding the body, duplicating the body, isolation instead of assimilation of the body in the wide open, cloning and physical disruption.

The real body and the imagined one, the individual body and the group one, the body that conforms to the standard and the disrupted one, the mystical body and the biological one, the technological body, the cloned body, the body that can be shaped and revised – all of these are mixed together in a game of identities and roles.

During the opening, scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 25, 2012, the Finnish designer Daniel Palillo will present his collection Never mind, which was recently shown during Fashion Week in Paris.  The exhibition at Beit Ha'ir will include 30 models and will be accompanied by the sounds of the Finnish duo, Renaissance Man, along with Avihai Partok.  In addition, the premier screening of Bnei Yehuda on Fire will be shown in the presence of members of the Bnei Yehuda soccer team.

Artists:  Daniel Palillo (Finland) ,  Bart Hess (Holland) , Levi Van Veluw (Holland)

Israelis artists:  Matan Guggenheim,  Shahar Freddy Kislev, Tomer Sapir, Uri Katzenstein, Lior Charchy, Shany Priness 


Chief Curator: Ayelet Bitan Shlonsky

Art Director : Claudette Zorea

Curatorial Team:  Irit Lanciano Rishon, Ruth Garon,  Roey Heifetz, Yamit Shimon 


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