Artist Talk with Kenneth Goldsmith

July 9, 2013, 8:30pm – opening of the first exhibition of the Year of Communication

July 10, 2013, 8:30pm – a meeting with Kenneth Goldsmith, open to the public 

"The world is full of texts, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more." (Kenneth Goldsmith)

Beit Ha'ir is proud to invite to the opening of the Year of Communication poet and author Kenneth Goldsmith – founder and editor of UbuWeb – the world's largest online archive of avant-garde art. Goldsmith is a famed and esteemed figure in the contemporary art world and in academic and international avant-garde circles, thanks to his innovative concepts. Goldsmith is MoMA's first Poet Laureate and curates the museum's poetry events, is the senior editor at PennSound, teaches at the prestigiousUniversity ofPennsylvania, and has written dozens of books of poetry.

Goldsmith, born in 1961, leads a contemporary and revolutionary cultural movement: he addresses creation in the digital age in general, and text in particular, asking, what is the meaning of art and of the artist in the internet era? Goldsmith advocates 'uncreative writing', and proposes ideas such as unoriginal creation, how to deal with the surplus and multiplicity of information, collecting information as a creative activity, free culture, tangible text and more. In Goldsmith's esteemed course, Uncreative Writing, at theUniversityofPennsylvania, Goldsmith penalizes students who show originality, and even makes them reuse the works of others. According to Goldsmith, creativity lies in the act of selecting the text and re-editing it, and "unoriginal thinking" is both critical and innovative.

In 2011, Goldsmith participated in the Celebration of American Poetry at the White House, where he presented his ideas on free culture before President Barack Obama and the First Lady, see the following links:


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