Peeling Off the Layers

One of the most interesting moments of the museum is the period in-between exhibitions. An exhibition closes, an exhibition opens. And what happens in between? The museum changes its face, it undresses and gets ready.

Today, Beit Ha'ir museum is preparing for the new exhibition "Isolated Moments from a Cycle" by the London based fashion house BOUDICCA. The wall papers that covered the galleries, the photographs, videos, installations, mannequins and designer clothes that were displayed in "Borderline" exhibition have been removed. The museum has been undressed.

Before the museum doors open for a new exhibition, something occurs in the museum, something that provokes thoughts on the in-between state and raises the question – is the current state of the museum no less interesting than the exhibitions in it? The scraped off walls reveal the different layers of past exhibitions all mixed together: Dan Reisinger aside Wayne Horse and de Castelbajac. Something interesting is created.
















  1. Juliette Gold

    נקודה מאוד מעניינת למחשבה [:
    זה גם גורם לחשוב, האם ניתן למצוא שימוש לבית בתקופות המעבר האלו, לפתוח אותו לציבור כחלון לתהליך חילופי התערוכות.

    האם תהיה פגישה עם המעצבים גם בתערוכה הבאה?

  2. בית העיר

    נשמח לראותך במפגש האמן עם זואי ברואנץ' ובריאן קירקבי- המעצבים המייסדים של "בודיקה". נעדכן בקרוב באתר ובפייסבוק.