BOUDICCA at Beit Ha'ir: Isolated Moments from a Cycle

Chief Curator: Ayelet Bitan Shlonski

Art Director: Claudette Zorea

Tuesday, Aug. 28, 20:30

Beit Ha'ir, 27 Bialik St, Tel Aviv 

Free admission on opening night

As part of the year of fashion announced by Beit Ha'ir in November 2011, the museum will open the exhibition Isolated Moments from a Cycle, which will include films, printed materials, photography, sound, sculptures and various objects created by Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby, designers and founders of the British fashion house BOUDICCA. In addition, BOUDICCA will present designs from the current collection and from the archive collection.

Isolated Moments from a Cycle was created specifically for the circular structure of Beit Ha'ir andBialik Square, and deals with the cyclic nature of human existence and the current state of man.

The BOUDICCA Fashion House was founded in 1997, starting as a multidisciplinary fashion house with emphasis on art, dealing with the fields of cinema, sculpture and design.

 In the first four years of its activity, BOUDICCA presented mainly in art galleries and exhibition spaces. In 2001, BOUDICCA was invited by the British Fashion Council to present officially during Londonfashion week and then in 2007, BOUDICCA was the first Independent British fashion house to be officially invited to become a guest member of Haute Couture inParis

BOUDICCA's designs have been presented in key exhibitions throughout the world, including the Victor and Albert Museum in London, Kensington Palace, as well as a collaboration with the London Royal Opera.

In the Fashion, A-Z: Part One exhibition, recently shown at the FIT in New York, BOUDICCA was selected by Dr. Valerie Steele, the museum's director and curator, as one of the 100 most important designers of the previous century, along with Vivienne Westwood, Chanel and others.

In addition to BOUDICCA, the exhibition will include Brazilian shoe designer Andreia Chaves, who will present designs from her last two collections, Polish video artist Agnieszka Polska and Israeli artist Tamar Harpaz.




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