F? A Year of Fashion at Beit Ha'ir

A Year of Fashion at Beit Ha'ir

Original Projects by Israeli and International Fashion Designers and Artists

November 2011 – June 2013

Chief Curator and Manager of Bialik Center: Ayelet Bitan Shlonsky

Artistic Director: Claudette Zorea


Beit Ha'ir – the urban museum of Tel Aviv-Jaffa is launching a multifaceted, international project that deals with wide-ranging worlds of content related to the art of fashion. The year-long project will include a series of temporary exhibitions (changing every two and a half months throughout the year) displaying the work of some 15 international fashion designers, workshops led by guest designers, panel discussions with members of the academia and the cultural scene, meetings with artists, fashion shows and a variety of activities throughout the city. The project exposes new designs in contemporary fashion, from Israel and around the world, and serves as a stage for young and promising Israeli designers, alongside leading global ones.

Innovative and original fashion designers and artists from 10 different countries have been invited to take part in the project, to create unique designs for Beit Ha'ir and to expose their creations and work process to the public at large, including: threeASFOUR from New York, BOUDDICCA from London, DANIEL PALILLO from Finland, JC DE CASTELBAJAC and ANNE VALERIE HASH from France and others.

Along with the leading international fashion designers and artists, young and promising Israeli designers have also been invited to participate in the project – graduates of the various Art and Design Academies in Israel whose creativity encompasses the spacious worlds of fashion. By means of this project, Beit Ha'ir hopes to expose the creative, independent, conceptual and economical aspects of fashion design to the public at large and to reveal the ways in which fashion plays an important role in building cultural identity.




The Opening Exhibition: inSALLAM inSHALLOM

2 # Exhibition: BORDERLINE

3 # Exhibition: Designs from the Archive Collection by Jean Charles de Castelbajac

4 # Exhibition: Isolated Moment from a Cycle | BOUDICCA

5 # Exhibition: manoAmano | Society. Environment. Fashion   

6 # Exhibition: Night Stamp – Shirazi at Beit Ha'ir



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