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Society .Environment. Fashion. 

 The fifth exhibition of the Year of Fashion at Beit Ha'ir, presents fashion as tool for social promotion and rehabilitation. The exhibition manoAmano seeks to examine how fashion serves as a social and political bridge between different societies. The rehabilitation process of communities under distress is made possible through the study of craftsmanship and tradition. The exhibition will focus on associations and organizations that established a unique system, combining community and design. The organizations – each in its own way – open doors to the rich and colorful cultures within us.

The Italian fashion brand CANGIARI, established with the tutorship of Santo Versace, aims at improving the socio-economic status of the Calabria Region in southern Italy. CANGIARI is the first and sole ethical fashion brand in the high segment of the Italian fashion. The brand has created a unique system supporting social responsibility: rehabilitation of local communities by providing jobs for disadvantaged and disempowered people, local, biologic and organic production, along with a steady presence in the commercial fashion scene.

The exhibition will present clothes by CANGIARI beside local materials such as yarn and silk,hand-loom fabrics weaved by craftswomen according to Calabrese tradition that sinks its roots in the antique Greek and Byzantine periods, as well as tools and weaving equipment. CANGIARI is part of the GOEL Cooperative Group –bringing together many social enterprises in the Calabria Region, it works forthe change and rehabilitation of the local community and for its liberation and economic independence from any type of illegal operations in the local area.

The Participating : Achoti (sister), Turning the Tables,  Kuchinate Women’s Collective

Artists: Anat Martkovich, Avi Milgrom, Boaz Aharonovitch, Gil Yefman, Ophir Toubul

Chief Curator: Ayelet Bitan Shlonsky
Art Director: Claudette zorea
Assistant Curators : Ruth Garon & Yael Moshe ; Content Editor Blog: Yamit Shimon


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