Night Stamp- Shirazi at Beit Ha'ir

The sixth and final exhibition at Beit Hair- A Year of Fashion

Beit Ha'ir chose to seal the year of fashion with an extraordinary exhibition revolving around the icon and the man who formed the nightlife of Tel Aviv, Shimon Shirazi. Through films, displays, fashion garments and a unique visual language – the exhibition will reveal Shirazi's intense activity for over two decades.

Shirazi captures one of the main characteristics of the 21st century's fashion spirit: the formatted look has been pushed aside by the breaking of codes and individual freedom, in order to create the self, over and over again. For Shirazi, the museum space serves as a human lab, enabling him to create utopic worlds made of dreams and fantasies. Shirazi uses material from his surrounding reality: stereotypes and clichés which he breaks and re-assembles as theatrical, grotesque and humoristic representations of reality. Using installations, extreme figures and a unique language, he raises questions which re-examine social and gender codes on topics such as: fashion, appearance, sex, gender, tradition, etc.

Shimon Shirazi is the owner of the successful line FFF for over 20 years, and is responsible for the famous holiday after-parties which combined strong visual concepts and well-known DJ's fromIsraeland abroad. In the 90's, when the homosexual culture and parties still took place in dark basements, Shirazi was the pioneer who expanded these events to a wider public – straights, homosexuals, public from the fashion and art worlds, mainstream and marginal.

Photographer: Pini Siluk

The exhibition will show films, photographs and installations from Shirazi's collaborations throughout the years with many leading artists, designers, fashion figures and musicians –a large part of which were discovered at the parties, including: Michal Helfman and Yavchush team, Ori Gershony, David Adika, Ron Kedmi, Yaniv Edry, Dana International, Pini Siluk, Miki Buganim and more. The exhibition soundtrack will consist of recorded sets by leading DJ's, from Asi Kojak and Tal Cohen till Dip Dish, Josh Wink, Tiga and more. The exhibition will also present costumes from the 90's designed by Dany Bar Shay and from recent years designed by Kay Long, as well as new collaborations such as a new film by David Adika following Shirazi in the streets of Tel Aviv.

 The exhibition conclude the year of fashion at Beit Ha'ir, under the direction of main curator Ayelet Bitan Shlonsky, in collaboration with artistic director Claudette Zorea and assistant curator Ruth Garon.


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