The Opening Exhibition

The Opening Exhibition


threeASFOUR (New York)

Opening – November 27, 2011
Chief Curator and Manager of Bialik Center:  Ayelet Bitan ShlonskyArtistic Director:  Claudette Zorea
Beit Ha'ir has invited threeASFOUR, the avant-garde fashion label from New York, to create the inSALAAM inSHALLOM project that focuses on the ties between Jewish and Arab aesthetics and demonstrates how the visual world binds these two cultures to each other.  threeASFOUR is comprised of three designers:  Adi Gil – born and raised in Israel, Gabi Asfour – of Palestinian descent, born and raised in Beirut, and Angela Donhauser – born in Russia, raised in Germany.   The result of mutual cooperation between Beit Ha'ir, threeASFOUR and multi-disciplinary artists from Israel and the international arena, inSALAAM inSHALLOM is a multi-layered project that includes the exhibition, a fashion show, an original film, music and performances at Beit Ha'ir.

The project was launched in September 2011, during Fashion Week in New York.threeASFOUR presented its Spring 2012 collection, focusing on the ties between Arab and Jewish aesthetics.  The collection was inspired by symbolic elements, familiar to both Judaism and Islam, including the Star of David, the "Hamsa" (good luck talisman shaped like a hand), the Shofar (Ram's horn) and prints from Jewish prayer shawls ("Talit") and Arabic head kerchiefs ("kaffiyah").  Like the individual biographies of the designers, who come from different national backgrounds, their creations reflect an optimistic desire for dialogue, unity and friendship through art and fashion.
Yoko Ono – who works towards coexistence between Arabs and Jews and is an enthusiastic supporter of threeASFOUR, has contributed her creation "The Wishing Tree" to the exhibition.
Among the artists participating in the exhibition: Yoko Ono (New York), Jessica Mitrani (New York), Shari Diamond (New York), Maria Hassabi (NY – Cyprus),Buthina Abu Milhem (Arara-Israel), Aviad Gil (Jaffa), Nevet Yitshak (Tel-Aviv) Dafna Shalom (Tel Aviv) Raafat Hattab (Jaffa), Joseph Dadoune (New York-Ofakim).


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