threeASFOUR @ the Desert Embroidery

A few days after the successful opening at Beit Ha'ir, threeASFOUR traveled south, to Lakiya, a Bedouin village at the north of the Negev. At Lakiya, they visited the "Desert Embroidery" – a center for Bedouin Embroidery.
About "Desert Embroidery"
With the transition from the nomadic way of life to permanent housing and from an agriculture-based economy to an urban one, Bedouin women found themselves with no means of contributing to the family livelihood. "Desert Embroidery aims at providing employment for Bedouin women as part of an organization to advance the status of women in the city of Lakia. Most Bedouin women are familiar with embroidery work from an early age and can do it without transgressing today’s norms in their society and culture. The embroidery is based on traditional Bedouin patterns from the Negev.



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